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A Day of Dairy Farming - Feb 12, 2019
Milking, pressure washing parlor, collecting tissue samples, working in the shop and a few other jobs. I hope you enjoy.

Milking Cows on my Family Dairy Farm
What a typical morning milking looks like on my family dairy farm. We milk around 175 cows, 3 times a day. I show the milking procedures and talk a bit about ...

Dairy Farming Documentary
A family of farmers showcase the art of dairy farming and the caring for the cows they raise. They demonstrate how technology has positively changed the ways ...

Mixing Feed for Dairy Cows
The process we go through twice a day to feed our milking cows. We milk 175 cows and are located in Southern Pennsylvania. Thank you for watching!

How to Start Dairy Farming and Make It a profitable venture – Embori part 1
If you have been following the market trends in Kenya and reading inspirational stories, you know that dairy farming is the business to go into if you want a rather ...