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How Dairy Cows Are Milked - Breakfast on the Farm
Meet Graham, one of the hosts of the Breakfast On The Farm event planned for June 22, 2013. Since cows are milked early in the morning, visitors to the farm will miss seeing milking. The solution?...

Best Dairy Cows going to the cooling system in Sierra Desert and Israel
Thanks for watching Israel Agriculture Technology Subscribe to watch more: https://goo.gl/8Uzhjj Agriculture technologies 2016 full: https://goo.gl/w840it High-tech agriculture Cucumber Growing...

Dairy Farming in Wisconsin - It's About the Cows

Feeling Good - Dairy Farming in Canada - 2017
We do our best to take care of the cattle on our dairy farm in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Murrah Buffalo Dairy Farm In Haryana/Ideal Video For Dairy Start Up.
This video features murrah Buffalo Dairy set up.ideal dairy farming for farmers.how a farmer set up a dairy business hope you enjoy this.