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10th Generation Dairyman
My name is Eric. I am a dairy farmer in southern Pennsylvania. We have a 200 cow milking herd along with 150 or so young stock. We farm 250 acres where we ...

Visiting A Family Dairy Farm
Visiting a Dairy Farm-What do Dairy Cows eat? Why do cows wear earrings? Why do farmers separate the calves from their mothers? Do Greg's cows fart?

Dairy Farming - Gettin' Stuff Done
Milking, cattle care, more manure hauling, and feeding.

Day of Dairy Farming | Milking, Feeding, Fixing, Chores
Friday November 22, 2019 - Milking, moving heifers, bedding, fixing manure spreader, unloading hay, and mixing feed. Thank you for watching.

Milking Cows on my Family Dairy Farm
What a typical morning milking looks like on my family dairy farm. We milk around 175 cows, 3 times a day. I show the milking procedures and talk a bit about ...